WordPress Codex

Many website owners turn to the WordPress Codex anytime they require help on using the WordPress platform. And it’s only very fitting since the codex itself holds all the information you’ll ever need to run your website properly.


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WordPress Codex

WP Codex. (adria.richards, Flickr.com)

After all, it was created to serve as the ultimate guide to anything WordPress. It tells you about the numerous features, functions, versions and other basic stuff to make you better acquainted with the platform. It also provides valuable information on how to download, install and customize WordPress to your liking.

Once you view the codex, you’ll find various steps, tips and lessons to get you started properly.

There are even other useful resources available such as the FAQ page, WordPress documentation and forum to answer your most technical concerns.

With all these massive contents, the WordPress Codex truly is the most complete guide you can find on the web.

It’s also incredibly user-friendly so you won’t have a hard time mastering WordPress at all even if you’ve just started using the platform. So check it out now to learn more about running your site!

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